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The Mystery that Is AR

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Augmented reality, or AR, is the cousin of the famous virtual reality. Though, there is a key difference between the two – instead of launching you into a virtual world, it brings the elements of the fictional world to you. Let’s dive in and talk about what it can do, as well as the practical applications of AR.

How Does It Work?

The machine collects all the important information about the environment and the objects in it. The data has been previously been uploaded to a server, or the process is done in a matter of seconds to begin with. The camera on your device, whatever it may be, projects the images into your environment. What happens is that AR tech, which can be anything and everything from your phone to a VR helmet and controller, allows you to interact with objects that are not really there.


The first thing that gamers, along with many others who are skeptical about new technologies, think when we talk about AR is a new way to play video games. While that is true, and there are already AR games out there, AR has a wide array of applications.


Imagine, if you will, that you are trying to learn a new skill. For the sake of argument, let’s say that it’s driving. Imagine putting on a glass or camera that projects images of cars and pedestrians on the driving range, as well as useful tips and pieces of information you might need on the road. Now, you are driving in a safe environment, while practicing to interact with other traffic participants. You will not crash into a wall, nor will you run anyone over. It will also become easier to memorize the rules of the road.

This type of training is also handy for other areas, like the military, or surgery. You can have real-life simulations in your own home while learning all the skills you need to do your tasks efficiently.


Translators, like the Google Translate, have been wise to the AR for a while. Your phone can now aid you in reading a menu that is in a language you are not familiar with, by scanning the characters and letters and projecting the translation onto your screen. Commerce also stands to benefit from this technology, as you can try out different pieces of furniture across your room to see how they would fit in without developing a hernia. If you stand in front of a mirror, you can find out how an outfit will appear on you and if that’s the design you should choose without going into the dressing rooms.

Overcoming Issues

People with certain medical conditions and disabilities, as well as those that have problems with human interaction, have the option of preparing themselves for the real world in a safe environment. The internet is popular among introverts, as it allows them to go about their business without exhausting themselves in pointless conversations and large parties.