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3 Important Notes about the Smart Environment

Do you happen to remember those old Sci-fi movies where the main character would just walk into a room, lights would turn on, smooth jazz (or techno, if that was the preference) would play in the background, and a smooth voice would act as a butler, asking questions about its next task and bringing up […]

4 of the Newest Trends in Casino Technology

Playing games in a casino, whether it is online or offline, presents a fine pastime of many gentlemen and ladies. The experience is further enhanced by the fact that the industry keeps doing everything in its power to remain relevant by making the games more appealing and implementing new technologies into the game. Let’s talk […]

What’s New in 3D Printing?

3D printing has been the talk of the internet ever since it was just a concept and not this widespread technology known for using metals and plastics we have today. Now, it is possible to make practically anything, provided you have the materials and the specs. The story doesn’t end there, however, because 3D printing […]

Technology in Sports

The world of technology affects many aspects of our lives, and sports are no exception. Some of it is there to enhance the athlete’s performance, while the rest if used for entertainment purposes. Here are some of the most common pieces of tech that are now an integral part of the sports world. Cameras Instant […]

The Tech of the Future

With the development of self-driving cars hitting a few snags along the way and AR getting more and more practical applications, the public is eager to find out what the tech-world will come up with next. So far, the results have been satisfying, though we are still waiting for things to amaze us. Because of […]