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The Tech of the Future

With the development of self-driving cars hitting a few snags along the way and AR getting more and more practical applications, the public is eager to find out what the tech-world will come up with next. After all – we’re all online all of the time nowadays. We play games together with our friends, have fun with offers such as the Moon Bingo Promo Code which we like to use, and we can even start to imagine existing in a “digital cloud” if you ask me. So far, the results have been satisfying, though we are still waiting for things to amaze us. Because of this, many websites, experts, and technology addicts have their own predictions about what the future of technology will bring. Here are some of the popular ideas.


We have seen the effects of blockchain technology in terms of data protection and availability to everyone. It has also seen its fair share of applications in other areas, like the food industry, agriculture, animal healthcare, and others. The future of this tech could lead to freedom of information across platforms without censorship, as well as universal records of just about everything.

Synthesized Meals

Cultured meat could solve the problem of world hunger, the carbon footprint, and the annihilation of animal species – all at once. In 2013, the first cultured burger was made and cooked in a lab. Since then, there have been many startups that focus on a particular type of meat with their own laboratories. The dream is that we will all have tasty protein in our diet that doesn’t come from harming animals and is available to everyone. It is likely it will come true in less than a hundred years.


What many industries whose profits depend on them will never admit publicly is that fossil fuels are a finite resource. Apart from clean energy from renewable sources, there will likely be an increase in biofuel development. We have already discovered that coffee bean waste can be turned into fuel, as well as some vegetable oils. This one may take some time, though. The lobbying done by companies profiting from crude oil will likely put this on hold for a while. But, it’s coming.

Body Modification

As time goes by, we will slowly start incorporating some technology into our bodies as well. For example, up until recently, the prosthetics available to the general public were not a matter of functionality, but of making people more comfortable. The prosthetics available to us today allow us to jump and hold things. It is very likely that things will become even more sophisticated in the future. Improving your sight, hearing, and strength are just some of the guesses about the future of body modification.


Driverless cars, as we’ve mentioned before, have had a few difficulties in their development, but there is no reason not to consider them an essential part of the future. After all, many of us already put our lives into the hands of bus drivers and train operators without any control on our part. This isn’t the only area that will need little to zero human input. More and more systems will become automated and controlled by a computer, rather than a person. Though, it may be a good idea to train a few people on what to do in an event of an emergency.