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Are AirPods Worth Buying?

When talking about smartphone gadgets, we always run into the problem of deciding whether something is worth buying or not. This can’t be decided on a whim, so details about a product should be examined, if not to be pedantic, then to actually know what you are getting for your money. 

Apple sells a lot of products, though some of them are definitely not good for a certain type of customer. The AirPods are always there to stir up things in the industry. The AirPods are great when you’re using iOS devices, namely the iPhone, but what about any other device and phone?

Are the AirPods worth buying? Let us take a closer look.

A Great Pair of Wireless Earphones 

The AirPods are great, they sound amazing and they are great at utilizing software to make the best out of ambient sounds and making sure you hear the human voice. If it is vocals that you want to listen to, the AirPods are a must.

Pair them with an iPhone or iPad and you are good to go. Within an Apple ecosystem, the AirPods do a great job of sounding good and giving you a plethora of features that you might want as a consumer. They are not without flaws and part of that lies with Apple itself, of course, and another part is due to their pretty bad design.

The Design – Pretty But Overall Bad

An open design might be more suited towards keeping your ears healthy, but that isn’t true if you blast the music on ten, to compensate for the earphones not having any isolation at all. Due to their design and the fact that they are not in-ears but rest on the lobe, they do not isolate at all.

That presents a huge problem with any outside noise. You can overpower the noise with volume, but that doesn’t really help your ears. The other problem is the quality of the sound. The higher frequencies sound great but at the cost of the lower ones. In-ears work on the principle of vibration, the bass notes being amplified by your own ear canal, as it vibrates due to a perfect fit. The bass on the AirPods feels more like the mid range.

The AirPods have a single size and if they don’t fit your ear, tough luck. They can always fall out so using them for sports is not recommended, particularly if you plan on doing any dynamic exercise. 

While Apple devices can be good, they are often good when paired with other Apple devices. The same can be said for the AirPods. They are great for casual listening at home, with an iPhone.

Android users and those who prefer sports and using headphones in noisy areas should look at comparable in-ears with ANC.