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Most Downloaded Apps of 2022

The year 2022 is in full swing, and with it comes the latest versions of our favorite apps. It’s wonderful how we can use the apps on our smartphones for practically anything, from reading news and learning about the weather to gambling online with the LeoVegas Bonus. The apps listed below are the most downloaded […]

Apps that Also Work Offline

  If you’re like me, you’ve probably been conditioned to believe there’s no such thing as an app that works offline. After all, apps are meant to be online and connected to the internet. And yet, I just found out that some apps do indeed have offline capabilities! In this post I’ll let you know […]

Are iOS Apps Better Than the Apps We Have for Android?

Modern day technology has spoiled us, to the point where we are bound to our screens, relying on our phones for everything, from communication to entertainment, not to mention business. That is not a bad thing unless taken to an extreme, of course. A bit of entertainment can go a long way after a hard […]

Are AirPods Worth Buying?

When talking about smartphone gadgets, we always run into the problem of deciding whether something is worth buying or not. This can’t be decided on a whim, so details about a product should be examined, if not to be pedantic, then to actually know what you are getting for your money.  Apple sells a lot […]

The Effects of IoT on Sports

When we talk about the Internet of Things, we usually mean the smart TV that records our favorite shows, or the fridge that tells us what we need to buy when we’re coming home from work. It is much more than that. You may be surprised, but IoT has applications in the world of sports […]

3 Gadgets Used in Medicine

We can all agree that the development of medicine is crucial to preserving our quality of life and extending the number of illnesses and conditions that can be treated and cured. Sometimes, the challenge is not the lack of expertise, but that of proper equipment. Many machines used in medicine are too large and clunky […]

Highest Earning App Types

People that are planning on developing apps usually face two questions. Firstly, what need to cater to, and secondly – whether the app in question will be profitable. We are here to help you get on track with the highest earning kinds of apps. Games According to Statista, about a quarter of the mobile app […]

3 Important Notes about the Smart Environment

Do you happen to remember those old Sci-fi movies where the main character would just walk into a room, lights would turn on, smooth jazz (or techno, if that was the preference) would play in the background, and a smooth voice would act as a butler, asking questions about its next task and bringing up […]

Apps that Make Betting Easier

The wonderful thing about app development is that there is always someone who can benefit from your product. In terms of online sports betting, people tend to focus on those apps that are just the mobile-friendly version of their website counterparts. But there is more than just placing a bet. These apps, first and foremost, […]

The Mystery that Is AR

Augmented reality, or AR, is the cousin of the famous virtual reality. Though, there is a key difference between the two – instead of launching you into a virtual world, it brings the elements of the fictional world to you. Let’s dive in and talk about what it can do, as well as the practical […]