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Apps that Make Betting Easier

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The wonderful thing about app development is that there is always someone who can benefit from your product. In terms of online sports betting, people tend to focus on those apps that are just the mobile-friendly version of their website counterparts. But there is more than just placing a bet. These apps, first and foremost, offer entertainment for their users: and many users like to use Michigan Lottery promo code in order to start their fun journey. Many apps actually facilitate betting, by providing you with heaps of useful info. Here are some of them.

Bet Calculator

I’m horrible at math. Just terrible. I need to use a calculator every time I want to tip someone. Speaking of calculators, to help you with assessing the risk, there is Bet Calculator. It is relatively easy for some people (again, not me) to calculate the amount they will win if their single bet goes through. It becomes trickier with more complex bets. Doubles, Triples, Round Robins – all of these will make you sweat several times over, and you just have to take the word of your bookie that you are paid a correct amount. Now, with Bet Calculator, you can just insert the odds into the required field, list how many bets you have put your money on, and see what the final total is.

Bet Predictor

To be fair, this is one of those apps that sounds too good to be true. I mean, as the name says, Bet Predictor is an app that predicts the outcome of football matches.

In my day, you had to consult other bettors, the shady character at the end of the bar, and your Nana, who was there when the Grizzlies got traded to Memphis. Even then, there were no guarantees, but that didn’t stop me. Anyway, the app boasts positive reviews, though the one downside I have a problem with is that it only shows one game at a time, so you might as well use the website instead.


Now, this is more like it! OLGB is the app that doesn’t just rely on a single algorithm to make predictions. It also features tips by experts and tipsters. Now, here’s where things get interesting. Instead of closing this app and opening another, you can use OLGB to bet as well. Though, of course, you should make sure their rules and conditions, as well as payment methods, suit you.

Betfair Sportsbook and Exchange

These two apps have some similar feature, but they both deserve a spot on this list. With Sportsbook, you can stream matches live and track all your bets as you bed during the games. Exchange, on the other hand, lets you bet against an outcome and design your own bet. In other words, these two apps enhance your betting experience by offering a multitude of options.