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4 of the Newest Trends in Casino Technology

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Playing games in a casino, whether it is online or offline, presents a fine pastime of many gentlemen and ladies. There are even many online casinos to choose from, and many of them like Inplay casino offer nice bonuses for new members. The experience is further enhanced by the fact that the industry keeps doing everything in its power to remain relevant by making the games more appealing and implementing new technologies into the game. Let’s talk about some of the most interesting new innovations and trends of casino technology we currently have at our disposal.

Eye in the Sky that Remembers Your Face

One of the issues land-based casinos face on a day-to-day basis comes in the form of cheaters. The staff at casinos are generally experienced and well-equipped to handle situations where a customer uses slight-of-hand to pocket chips, or devices that use predictive analysis, thereby shifting the course of a game of chance in their favor, as well as hackers that attack electronic games, but they can be caught off guard, especially if they had no previous encounters with the cheaters.

Eye in the sky is the colloquial name for computers that use cameras to instantly recognize patrons that are suspect. That way, people in the monitoring room of the casino can be alerted if the customer has been known to use cheating and act accordingly.

Data Encryption

This piece of technology is instrumental in keeping the business alive. Both land-based casinos and those that operate online benefit from data encryption – it keeps the information about players, casinos, and, most importantly, money transfers safe from those that would tamper with it.

Encryption isn’t anything new, so why is it on this list? Well, as time progresses, hackers are getting more creative in their efforts to break into locations that were once secure. Because of this, security firms and programmers come up with newer and better methods of encryption every day to stay ahead of the game.

A Different Kind of Reality

One of the ways the casinos are trying to make the games more interesting and immersive for their new gamers and loyal customers is the introduction of virtual and augmented reality into the mix. You are now able to visit virtual game rooms and present yourself with an avatar while you place a bet and play a few hands of Baccarat.

Augmented reality uses a similar principle, but it allows you to stay in your house while touring a casino as if you were really there. It gives you the chance to turn your home into your playroom, and the ambiance is almost perfectly captured.

Online Gambling

In the era of the internet, it is important to recognize something that has been around for more than a decade, but still merits the title of innovation – online gambling. Instead of waiting for the bettors and poker players to come to them, casinos have made themselves available at any time, anywhere.

Online betting has connected gamers with casinos and betting houses all over the world. The novelty here comes in the form of incentives they present their prospective patrons with. The affiliate programs allow online companies to work together and share their customer base while using promotions to entice new players. Another interesting new gimmick is the option of making a deposit using more credit cards and even cryptocurrencies – BitCoin to be exact. It is very likely that the area of online casinos will just keep coming up with new ideas.