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AR Games People Enjoy

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Technology has made it possible for us to enjoy all sorts of entertainment from the comfort of our homes. Nowadays, people can stream their playthroughs, have fun using bookies or learning about and using VR and playing AR games. Augmented reality has made itself quite popular with games that people love because of their ingenuity and the option of combining video games with the outside world. Here are our top picks for the best augmented reality games you should check out.

Pokémon Go

It is almost impossible for the average user of the internet not to have heard about this one, but here we go, nevertheless. Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic, and it is a game where you use your mobile device, go out into the world, and catch Pokémon. The reason from its immense popularity stems from the fact that Pokémon has been a strong franchise for decades, and this is the first game that allows its users to go out into the world like real Pokémon trainers.This is a game that you can’t play from home, not well anyway. The game rewards you for walking around your city or town and discovering new areas. Pokémon eggs hatch after you have walked a certain distance, which is a mechanic that has been present since the first Pokémon games for Gameboy. You also have the option of taking a photo of Eevee or Pikachu where you find them.


Ingress uses the same mechanic as Pokémon Go, though it would be better say that it’s the other way around. It is also developed by Niantic and its design was used in the creation of the first game on this list. You become a member of one of two factions and battle the other one by creating portals and conquering those that belong to your opponents. Like Pokemon Go, it is a freemium game.

Knightfall AR

Do you like board games, but are tired of constantly setting them up and packing them up again, until you find that some of your pieces are damaged, or missing? Your frustration usually gets the best of you and you just put the game in the basement and forget about it altogether. No more.
Imagine your desk, or any other flat surface, as the video game battlefield where you defend your stronghold against the incoming attackers. While the game is not without its flaws, it boasts two awesome characteristics. First of all, it is free with no in-app purchases. Secondly, as you play, you learn more about the history of the crusaders, with the game providing interesting information about military ranks and buildings.

Parallel Mafia

Gang wars have always been interesting to watch, reenact, and invent. This game is a location-based RPG that uses your city’s streets to lay out a map on which your forces battle those of other players. The game is not the newest on the market but is enjoyable nonetheless. You don’t even have to leave your home – the game does not require you to be in a certain location to plan out your attack or defense. It is just a matter of using your location’s logistics to your advantage. That’s just part of its charm.