Basics of Java Webinar


Date: January 31- February 1

Time: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM (PST)

Audience: Java developers and beginners

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of programming

Method: Webinar

Training material will be sent to you before webinar
This will be an interactive webinar.
All participant need Laptop or PC with mic and speaker

Day 1

  • Introduction to Java
  • Object Oriented Programming and Java
  • Write and Run a Java Program
    • Install Java
    • Configure (path, classpath, JAVA_HOME) Introduction to Eclipse
    • Run a Java program(HelloWorld example)
  • Java Syntax
    • Primitive Datatypes
    • Comments
    • Expression and Operators
    • Conditions (if else, Select)
    • Loops (for, while, Do...while)
    • Statements (break, continue, return)
    • Functions
    • Classes and Objects
    • Arrays
    • Reference
    • Packages and namespaces

Day 2

  • Object Oriented Concepts
    • More about objects, Creating, Initialization and Destruction
    • Subclasses and Inheritance
    • Data Hiding and Encapsulation
    • Abstract Classes and Methods
    • Interfaces
    • Static classes
    • Modifiers (public private and protected etc)
  • Some Useful Java Classes and Packages
    • Strings and characters
    • Numbers and Math
    • Date and Time
    • Arrays
    • Collections
    • File, Directories and File IO
  • Java Development Tools  and Utilities
    • Eclipse
    • Jar, Javac, Java, JavaDoc
  • Ending Notes and Next  Steps

Cancellation fee: USD 50

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